Shared visual experiences.

An on-line collaborative tool to facilitate commercial exchanges and co-design tasks through presentation of images and videos to panels of observers.


No software is needed, the system is available wherever you need it, since it is platform based.

Upload your own images, short videos and questions and then launch your survey with the most appropriate protocoles.

How it works

Assessment features

Pair-wise comparison

Attribute assessment 

Observers use their smartphone or their PCs, to select which of the two scenes (or videos) is the best answer to the question which is asked to them.

Observers use their smartphone or their PCs, to rate attributes of a scene which is presented to them.

Multichannel adjustment

Manual choice adjustment

Observers use their smartphone or PCs to adjust light, colours, materials, dimensions of objects in real time and select their preference. Technical or financial values like energy use or costs are calculated in realtime and displayed.

Observers use their smartphone or PCs to navigate through a list of possible options and select their choice.

Feedback features

Observers are invited, at the end of each session, to answer questions in an open or closed mode.

Closed question

Open question

Observers respond to questions using a scaleand selecting the value correponding to their choice.
Observers respond to questions through typing a text and bringing their comments.

Processing of results

All results can be displayed in TEXT files, and exported following the JSON format.

Counting votes, per scene, per question. Collection of selected preferred scenes.
Ranking of preferences.
Judgment of attributes and recording of manual adjustments by observers.
Collection of opened question and comments

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