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The VisualSense project

The VisualSense project aims at bringing together people all over the world, to exchange views  and opinions on visual scenes (designs, pictures, documents) in a way which is both friendly and agreeable (and sometimes fun!).
All this with solid scientifically based procedures (testing, calibration, processing of results, and management of imbedded scientific and technical data).

VisualSense for research and education

VisualSense is an easy to run tool allowing to produce knowledge, allowing statistical analysis, performing correlations using design options as input, as well as scientific and technical data associated to the images.

VisualSense is used for education in design, through construction of sessions designed to allow students to demonstrate their undertanding of scenes, indentifying most efficient solutions, and making personal proposals.

The ambition of VisualSense

To become a reference platform for all professionals who require to record feedback from partners, clients or citizens when they are investigating solutions. Especially if they must take decisions involving both subjective assessment, and optimization of technical, financial, and environmental performances.

The team behind the project

The project was initiated following regular use of photorealistic images to conduct psychometric tests for research activities.

First focus was lighting quality assessement, and then the scope adressed other issues in design, indoor architecture and urban environments.

Prof-Dr Marc Fontoynont

System design and coherence
Lighting expertise
Visual Experience Design

Samuel Dubrez

Full Stack Developper

PhD Céline Villa

Data Processing
Statistical analysis
Human behaviour
Psychometric testing

César Bonte

Platform developper
User interfaces
Data management

MS Nikodem Derengowski

Interactive sessions
Lighting Calibration

The earlydevelopments…

The project has benefited from advice and assistance from 1KUBATOR
structure, mostly the offices in Lyon and Nantes. 1KUBATOR is
specialized in Information Technologies.
The project also benefitted from a subsidy  from BPI France.

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